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iDrive Interactive is a privately-held, performance-based online marketing company focusing primarily on email marketing. The founders of the company have over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge in the online lead generation industry. Since its inception in August 2009, iDrive’s focus has been on quality, dependability, and longevity for our clients.

iDrive offers expertise, support, and most importantly, solutions to meet your online needs. We specialize in email marketing, media buying, and data management.

iDrive’s headquarters are based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.


Ericka Mejia
Director of Marketing

: iDriveEricka

I love reaching the top of mountains.


Cassie Grove
Media Buyer

: live:cassie_1584

I collect a charm from every place I travel.

Janet Cunningham
Media Buyer

: live:.cid.d0d4e731605d16e

I'm obsessed with elephants


Amanda Udavchak
Senior Account Executive

: idriveamanda

I make a mean buffalo chicken dip.

Faniel Yemane
Senior Account Executive

: idrivefaniel

I was on ESPN once dressed as Captain America.

Courtney Bottorf
Production Specialist & Graphic Designer

: live:.cid.23447725ce46a2cf

I'm obsessed with Nutella ice cream

James Burns
Sales Executive

: live:.cid.d467074af7c25cb9

I skydived in Hawaii